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Re: question about branching

From: Stephen Rasku
Subject: Re: question about branching
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 14:35:51 -0800 (PST)

Jim Largent wrote:

>I am very familiar with RCS and have just started using CVS and I 
have a
>question about branching.  In RCS I could check out a previous 
version of a
>file, change it and check it back in.  RCS would create a branch off 
>version that I checked out.  When I tried to do this with CVS, it 
>let me saying that a branch needed to be created.  From looking at 
>documentation, I have the following question.  Does everything have 
to have
>a label and then a branch created using that label?  Does this branch 
>file in the repository?  

I am not sure what you want to do, but typically you make a branch tag 
for all necessary files.  This may be all the files in your repository 
or all modules required to build a library, for example.  You could 
tag a single file if you want but you would have to update to that 
single file manually.  If you tag everything then you could just do:

        cvs co -r branch-tag-name module
and get all the files in that module.  If you only tagged the single 
file you would only get the single file.  The rest of the files 
wouldn't contain the tag and they wouldn't be checked out.

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