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Re: problem with diff -N

From: richard offer
Subject: Re: problem with diff -N
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 07:29:15 -0700

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* As the nightly build manager for AbiWord, I recieved a request for diff's
* between the latest released source and the current cvs source.  CVS makes
* this easy to generate, so I added it.  Then it turned out that this didn't
* include the newly added files, so I added the -N command (which I have
* always used for GNU diff).
* That's when it didn't work.  I turns out that the -N command does generate
* diffs for the new files, but it doesn't do them in the nice way that GNU
* diff does.  Instead, it labels the old file as /dev/null and the new file
* as a randomly named denizen of /tmp.  Needless to say, this doesn't make
* patch too happy (even it isn't that smart).
* My question is, is there any way around this? Can I generate the diffs
* that I have been asked for, with reasonable file names?  This works just
* fine diffing the checked-out copy and a new copy, with GNU diff.  Is there
* any way to accomplish this with CVS diff?

I posted the same question (but worded differently) last week and got no

Here is my solution (a target in a makefile)

    cvs -q rdiff -u -kk -r PRE_AUDIT trux/$(RDIR)/$(TARSRC) | sed -e

trux is the name of the repo,
RDIR is the current directory in the repo
TARSRC is the directory containing the piece of code I'm maintaining

For some reason rdiff works, diff doesn't (rdiff doesn't take the -N, but still
does the right thing).

* Thanks
*       sam th
*       address@hidden


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