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Re: Using 3rd party CVS source

From: Mike Castle
Subject: Re: Using 3rd party CVS source
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 15:00:07 -0500
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On Tue, Oct 17, 2000 at 01:31:09PM -0600, Chris wrote:
> Hey all..I have a question about using an external CVS project and 
> importing into our local one. First of all should I? I guess I should 
> explain a bit better. We have our own code in CVS. I'm using a 3rd 
> party source code tree that is also in CVS (theirs not ours). So 
> what would be the best way to work this? Import a snapshot of 
> their stuff into my project and then keep importing from there like 
> working with a vendor branch (Assuming that this is what a vendor 
> branch is for)?

Your build procedure *could* just do a cvs co on their project and build it
early in the process.  But, what if their site went away?

Best, I think, to import into your own repository.

> Another question that is somewhat releated. My project just needs 
> the headers and library from this 3rd party project. I was thinking I 
> could just put the headers in a module and the library in a module. 
> Is this the "correct" way to do it? How do I use CVS to work with 
> libraries that I don't want to compile each time but just link to? 
> Ideally I'd like to do a cvs checkout on a project and it will check 
> out all the source plus any libraries and any headers I need. Is this 
> the right way to do it?

CVS is a configuration management tool, not a build tool.  How it's done
doesn't really matter to cvs.  It just cares about the files.  If you only
need heads files and library source, then just use header files and library
source (but hint:  sometimes other applications might be useful to help you
discover bugs and to work as examples, so personally I'd put in the who
damned thing).

But either way, have your build process build it in the early stages.

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