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Using 3rd party CVS source

From: Chris
Subject: Using 3rd party CVS source
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 13:31:09 -0600

Hey all..I have a question about using an external CVS project and 
importing into our local one. First of all should I? I guess I should 
explain a bit better. We have our own code in CVS. I'm using a 3rd 
party source code tree that is also in CVS (theirs not ours). So 
what would be the best way to work this? Import a snapshot of 
their stuff into my project and then keep importing from there like 
working with a vendor branch (Assuming that this is what a vendor 
branch is for)?

Another question that is somewhat releated. My project just needs 
the headers and library from this 3rd party project. I was thinking I 
could just put the headers in a module and the library in a module. 
Is this the "correct" way to do it? How do I use CVS to work with 
libraries that I don't want to compile each time but just link to? 
Ideally I'd like to do a cvs checkout on a project and it will check 
out all the source plus any libraries and any headers I need. Is this 
the right way to do it?


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