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Problem with remote imports

From: Michael Larsen
Subject: Problem with remote imports
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 10:38:26 -0500

I'm setting up a CVS repository on a machine (lovey) for the purpose of version-controlling system and application config files.  I'm using the :ext: method  over ssh for remote access to the repository (ssh logins work fine).

I have a full install of CVS on the repository machine, and the cvs executable on the client machines (not a full install, don't want one).  First, is a full install of CVS required on each machine?  If not, is the cvs-executable-only adequate for the client machines?  If not, what's required for a client-only install on the non-repository machines?  If what I've done so far is OK, let's move on the the problem description.

On each machine, I want to build a directory structure like this (we'll use machine glamrock as an example):


Subdir system will contain additional subdirs mirroring the actual locations of the version-controlled files with copies of the files in them:  ~/etc/hosts, ~/etc/nsswitch.conf, ~/etc/resolv.conf, and so on.  Subdir app will contain additional subdirs mirroring the actual locations of the version-controlled files in them:  ~/opt/perf/newconfig/<filename> and so on.  I then want to create the initial project from the remote machine (in this case, glamrock) with the command:

cvs -d :ext:address@hidden:/link/repository import -m "Glamrock repository creation" glamrock mlarsen start

where /link/repository is the location of the repository on lovey (is that how it works?).  I have CVS_RSH set to ssh on all machines.  What I get from the above command is:

ksh: cvs: cannot execute
cvs [import aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)

Executing cvs on each machine results in the usage dialog, so I can indeed execute the command.  Permissions on the repository allow for write access by all members of the cvs group, of which I belong across the board.

I'm assuming I've missed the boat on remote command execution somewhere.  Or is it not possible to create a project from a remote machine?  Thanks in advance.


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