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CVS Development connected to CVS production

From: Patrik Sjöberg
Subject: CVS Development connected to CVS production
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 16:22:00 +0200


I was wondering what would be most logical when connecting your developing
environment with the production environment. Let's say we have server
"developing" which contains a new tagged version ver_2.0 and we want to
release everything that is new there to the production environment which is
located at another server. How should the root reposistory in the developing
be connected to the root repository in the production environment?

Can you have clients with the the developing environment as root repository
and then view the cvs source at developing as a client to the production
environment? In other words, you let the developers commit their changes to
the developing cvs, and then, when finished, you tag the developing cvs with
a new release number and commits it to the production cvs? Or should the
connection be done in another way?

Best regards,


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