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Re: Edit comments?

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: Edit comments?
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 13:28:37 -0700

Fair enough.  How about this?

- Blank commit message in the editor when it comes up.
- Output of editor becomes commit message, if modified by user.
- "cvs edit" message becomes the commit message when the edited file is
  unchanged (or empty) or an empty -m option is given.
- Non-empty -m option takes precedence over "cvs edit" message during commit.

Note that the default messages remain one-per-file, but replacements (via
editor or command line) are one-per-command.

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The problem here is that edit comments are one-per-file while checkin comments
are one-per-command-line (or one-per-directory when using local CVS).

address@hidden on 2000.10.13 12:52:44

I would expect the edit comment to be the default commit message:

- It appears in the editor when it comes up.
- It becomes the commit message when given an empty -m option.
- It is overridden by a non-empty -m option.

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I had thought a little about this at one point.  IIRC, this would involve no
more than adding an extra subfield in fileattr and extending the protocol a
little.  I don't think this is that much work since the protocol can be extended
easily without breaking older clients/servers (but you may not have the new
feature if you use older clients/servers).

One thing to ensure is that special characters in the new subfield must be
escaped properly.

Using the comments for checkin may need some more thought.  For example, will
the edit comments be appended to the checkin comments or will they replace
checkin comments?

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