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cvs login failure

From: Luke Kendall
Subject: cvs login failure
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 14:42:15 +1100 (EST)

We had a Linux machine hosting a secure CVS archive, for some Windows and
Linux development.  Then the Linux PC died.  Fortunately, the CVS archive
was on its own drive, so we just put it into a 2nd Linux machine,
and re-did all the ssh and inetd configuration.

The Windows machines access the CVS archive via the pserver method,
using ssh.  The Linux machines just set CVSROOT to use the archive
directory (it's auto-mounted).

But the CVS archive isn't working for the Windows machines anymore;
any attempt to do a cvs login gets the error below:

    CVSROOT set to :pserver:address@hidden:/home/mantovani/cvs-archive
    Started ssh, so now you need to cvs login:
    (Logging in to address@hidden)
    CVS password:
    cvs [login aborted]: authorization failed: server localhost rejected access

Is there any way to find out why the cvs client (or is it the server?)
rejected the login?  Is there any kind of logging information that can be

One fact that is probably a red herring, is that the window in which the
ssh connection to the CVS server is made, displays errors like:

    $ DUPRE.: Connection to port 2401 forwarding to localhost:2401 requested.
    Address maps to dupre, but this does not map back to the address 

But we used to get errors like this with the now-dead Linux PC, and
everything worked fine.  We're using cvs version 1.10.6 under Red Hat
Linux 6.1, and the cvs client version is 1.10.

The only change was the replacement of one Linux PC with another.

Any suggestions?


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