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Re: cvs login failure

From: luke
Subject: Re: cvs login failure
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 17:24:29 +1100 (EST)

On 18 Oct, To: Derek R. Price wrote:
>  >  Play with CVS_CLIENT_LOG and see if you can trace more of the 
> authentication. 
>  Ah!  This is what I was asking about and hoping for.  Some way to get 
>  some extra logging or debug info.  I assume that the client defines 
>  this env variable to be a filename, and log info is written to it. 
>  I'll give that a try right now.  Thanks. 

Under Windows (U/Win) I tried exporting CVS_CLIENT_LOG as
d:/home/luke/cvs-client.txt and tried to cvs login.  I couldn't
find a file whose name included the string cvs-client.txt on any local
drive.  (D: is a local drive.)

I also tried setting it to just plain "cvs-client.txt".  Same result.

On Linux, I tried setting it to /tmp/xxx and CVSROOT as:


Then did a cvs login (which succeeded, BTW), but no /tmp/xxx file
had been created.

I did a strings on the Windows cvs.exe and on /usr/bin/cvs on Linux,
and both have CVS_CLIENT_LOG, so I assume the facility works similarly
as in the source to cvs 1.10.8 that I have handy: it just opens
$ and $CVS_CLIENT_LOG.out and writes in there.

But nothing's happening.

Obviously I'm dramatically misunderstanding how you're supposed to use
CVS_CLIENT_LOG.  Can someone enlighten me?



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