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CVS and Kerberos

From: HMahaffey
Subject: CVS and Kerberos
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 16:30:54 EDT


We've run into a bit of a problem with CVS and OpenSSH on Windows 98, so I'm 
taking a look at using Kerberos for authentication instead.

I can see the instructions for building with Kerberos support, but I was 
wondering if this was a server-side authentication, or if I had to rebuild 
all the clients to use Kerberos.  My windows users insist on WinCVS, but I 
don't see any options in there for "gserver".  How do I tell WinCVS where to 
go to find kerberos?

Is anyone out there using CVS with Kerberos?  Any tips, pointers?  Where did 
you get your Kerberos client binaries (or libraries or whatever the heck it 
is you need)?  Someone posted a lovely set of instructions for using SSH on 
the cvsgui list.  Anyone have anything similar for Kerberos?

Thanks for your help!

:)hal mahaffey

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