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Getting revision notes out of CVS

From: John Scott - Outlook
Subject: Getting revision notes out of CVS
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 09:06:41 -0000

I tried posting this last week but it got bounced, so here goes again...

A while back I asked the question on how to get revision notes out of CVS.
The "cvs log -rrel-1-0" did not work well because it picked up the revision
that was tagged with rel-1-0 which would have already been released. What I
wanted was some kind of "cvs log -r>rel-1-0" command which did not seem
available. However I have found that I can do the following (long winded
approach) to get around the problem:

I have a file (version.h) that is updated just before a release goes out (my
"make build" command creates a new version.h before rebuilding all files) so
this gives me the date that the tag would have been placed.

Thus I look at the cvs log for version.h and it says that rel-1-0 was tagged
against revision 1.29 which has a date of 2000/09/07 13:12:02.

I then do the following

on Windows NT:
    cvs log "-d >2000-09-07 14:12:02" * >mods.txt

or on AIX:
    cvs log '-d >2000-09-07 14:12:02' >mods.txt
I have to use * because my version of cvs/NT seems to only use the current
directory when specifying -d. It seems fine on the AIX version of cvs
without the * though.

If I don't add an hour to the time, then it includes the revision tagged
with rel-1-0. This is probably down to timezone differences between the cvs
server and my workstation (though I have to do the same when running on the
AIX server that hosts the repository).

I can then browse mods.txt looking for the word "revision " (must follow
with a space otherwise keep finding "revisions") to jump to the revision
section for each selected revision.

It may be possible to do this automatically using a perl script or
something, but this at least allows me to copy & paste revisions into a
release notes document.

I hope this helps you too.


John Scott
Middleware Systems Technical Specialist
IS Middleware Services
Argos Ltd
Tel. 01908 600275
Fax. 01908 204314

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