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Re: cvs edit/commit problem

From: Noel L Yap
Subject: Re: cvs edit/commit problem
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 15:54:29 -0400

address@hidden on 2000.10.05 14:28:01
>> The purpose of "cvs edit" is to communicate to others that you
>> intend to modify and commit a file.  Therefore, unless you really do
>> intend to modify and commit all files, "cvs edit *" is the wrong
>> thing to do.  Don't do that.
>Ok, then take this situation. I see a problem in this file. I want to
>edit it so I type "cvs edit <file1>" Then with further investigation I
>see the problem is really in file2, so I do "cvs edit <file2>" and
>then make my changes in file2. Then I am done with editing all files
>in this directory and am ready to checkin, so I do "cvs commit"

You should've done "cvs unedit <file1>" when you found out you weren't planning
to commit it.  You can do "cvs editors" to help figure out what files you have

>Why does cvs unedit the file that was modified and not unedit the file
>that was not modified.

Because the file that was modified was checked in.  I think it would be
extremely difficult (and possibly damaging) to have "cvs ci" see files that
haven't been modified so that it can act on them.

> Doesn't this part of the interface seem brain
>damaged to anyone else?

It used to to me.  Then I came to the conclusion that "cvs ci" is meant to act
on modified files only.

> Either change all the files or none of the
>files, but this half-baked attempt at unediting some files just leads
>to problems.

I disagree.  If the user really wanted to unedit all files, they should "cvs
unedit" themselves.

Changing the current behaviour breaks CVS for those who are used to doing:
cvs edit file0
cvs edit file1
vi file0 # and modify it
cvs ci
vi file1 # and modify it
cvs ci


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