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cvs edit/commit problem

From: Richard J. Duncan
Subject: cvs edit/commit problem
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 11:20:51 -0500 (CDT)

I'm experiencing a problem with cvs edit and commit. First of all, we
have a watch on the entire repository and everyone has the CVSREAD
variable set so that checkouts come as read only. This forces all
developers to use "cvs edit" before editing a file. It is common
practice, however, to just do "cvs edit *" so as to edit all files in
the given directory. The problem is on checkin. Just typing 

 > cvs commit (or)
 > cvs commit . (or)
 > cvs commit * 

works correctly on files that have been modified, but if a file has
not been modified cvs will not run "cvs unedit" on the file. The
result of this is that it leaves the editible file laying around (and
it shows up on cvs editors), very undesirable behavior.  Right now I'm
trying to just get people into the habit of always typing:

 > cvs commit; cvs unedit

This doesn't seem the best solution, though. 

Is this a know bug in CVS? Is there a known workaround? Maybe some
insight? One solution I've been toying with is to write a directive in
the loginfo file to go through and unedit the checked in directory,
but the problem with this is that if the user intended to just commit
a single file it will unedit all of them. Furthermore, if no files
were modified then the loginfo doesn't seem to be run at all.

Oh, I'm running CVS 1.10.8 (client/server) on Solaris x86 2.7, if that
makes a difference.


| Richard Jennings Duncan        |
| Graduate Research Assistant    Institute for Signal and Info. Proc. |
| Mississippi State University                       Computer Science |

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