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Re: Repository know who has checkouts?

From: Laird Nelson
Subject: Re: Repository know who has checkouts?
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 17:05:43 -0400

"Richard J. Duncan" wrote:
> We add a
> watch to the entire source tree. Then when people checkout code they
> must run "cvs edit" to get a writable version of the file before
> making modifications

What does it mean to say "cvs watch on" across a sandbox?  Does that
really mean that the actions of one user (the guy who did the cvs watch
on) can affect everyone else's sandboxes (now everyone has to type cvs
edit to edit those files that cvs watch on was just run on)?

> The cvs editors command then call tell you who has typed "edit" on a
> given file. The information is tracked in the repository CVS/fileattr
> file.


> and it will look something like this:
>      _watched=;_editors=peng>Tue Oct  3 20:50:08 2000 

Looks like the format is:

  _<token>=<optional value>;_<another token>=<another optional value>

What's the significance of something being watched ("_watched=;") but
that doesn't have any watchers?


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