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Re: Repository know who has checkouts?

From: Noel L Yap
Subject: Re: Repository know who has checkouts?
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 17:57:27 -0400

address@hidden on 2000.10.04 17:05:43
>"Richard J. Duncan" wrote:
>> We add a
>> watch to the entire source tree. Then when people checkout code they
>> must run "cvs edit" to get a writable version of the file before
>> making modifications
>What does it mean to say "cvs watch on" across a sandbox?  Does that
>really mean that the actions of one user (the guy who did the cvs watch
>on) can affect everyone else's sandboxes (now everyone has to type cvs
>edit to edit those files that cvs watch on was just run on)?

No, unlike some other tools, changes within the repo do not affect
already-existing working directories (aka sandboxes).

>> The cvs editors command then call tell you who has typed "edit" on a
>> given file. The information is tracked in the repository CVS/fileattr
>> file.
>> and it will look something like this:
>>      _watched=;_editors=peng>Tue Oct  3 20:50:08 2000

>Looks like the format is:
>  _<token>=<optional value>;_<another token>=<another optional value>
>What's the significance of something being watched ("_watched=;") but
>that doesn't have any watchers?

If something is watched, a checkout of it will get a read-only copy instead of a
writable copy.

If something has a watcher, those watchers will be notified of one or more of
edits, checkins, and unedits.


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