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Re: cvs commit confusing behaviour on modified files without changed co

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: cvs commit confusing behaviour on modified files without changed content
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 09:30:05 -0400

Olivier Berger wrote:

> If i issue a cvs commit command, cvs will ask for a commit log message,
> displaying a pre-filled editor with the file marked as modified.
> But as I save the message and exit the editor, nothing gets committed.
> As cvs has connected to the server, it detects that the content hasn't
> changed, and doesn't commit anything without notifying me.
> So everything looks like the commit aborted for some unreported reason.

This is standard client/server behavior and is still present in CVS 1.11.
I believe it has to do with CVS's policy of minimizing network transfer.
This way CVS is both only opening a single connection to the server and
not leaving a connection open while a user fills out a log message.  I
personally have been viewing this as a bug but there are several issues
involved and I haven't come up with an appropriate fix yet.

If this happens to you frequently, you might consider the watch, edit, and
unedit commands as a workaround.  You'd have to run 'cvs edit' on every
file before you started editing, but I believe that 'cvs unedit' will
return the file to a state that will look unchanged to a client before the
log message is created.


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