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[igraph] shared library error

From: sergiu netotea
Subject: [igraph] shared library error
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 11:03:18 +0100


I have a server running Red Hat Enterprize edition, I installed the
igraph library from source code following the normal ./configure,
make, make install steps. I have a program that runs well on my local
cygwin, compiled with:
gcc grn.c -Wall -I/usr/local/include/igraph -L/usr/local/lib -ligraph -o grna

It does compile on the server without any message but when I run it, it gives:
./grna: error while loading shared libraries: libigraph.so.0: cannot
open shared object file: No such file or directory

However the libs are there, beside the fact that in the compilation
step it managed to find them:
ls /usr/local/lib
libgsl.a  libgslcblas.a  libgslcblas.la  libgslcblas.so
libgslcblas.so.0  libgslcblas.so.0.0.0  libgsl.la  libgsl.so
libgsl.so.0  libgsl.so.0.15.0  libigraph.a  libigraph.la  libigraph.so
 libigraph.so.0  libigraph.so.0.0.0  pkgconfig

The include files are also in their place. I suspect it has to do with
bad registration of the shared library. But why didn't I get any
message at installation, or when I compiled my program?
I wanted to check the cache of ldconfig but strangely enough the
command is not available.
Looking at this it all seems like a big hurdle and I don't have much
time right now:
I am not very good at libtools, perhaps you can give me some help
running my program? JJ


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