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CVX and octave

From: fork
Subject: CVX and octave
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 15:26:49 +0000 (UTC)
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>From Michael on porting cvx and accepting patches:

Of course! The code is GPLed so you are welcome to fork it. And if you
do succeed, you could submit the patches to me, and assuming they're
not too onerous I would integrate them into the main branch of
CVX. And I would give you full credit for the Octave support on the
web site.

But here's the rub: I am finished adding features to this version of
CVX, because I'm working on other projects. I do not have the time for
more than occasional minor fixes. That has some significant

--- I would likely not be able to answer questions for you while you
    attempt to complete the port. And as you may already know, the
    more complicated internals of CVX are not self-explanatory or

--- Even if I integrated your patches into the current version of CVX
    I would not be able to promise support for Octave moving
    forward. That means, if Octave changes in a way that breaks CVX,
    or if a bug fix is integrated that breaks Octave support, I can't
    do much abut that.

--- I would have to direct all Octave-specific support questions to

So I'd weigh these cautions carefully whether or not you want to take
on the project before succeeding, but if you do, you are more than
welcome to go ahead---you have the full source.

I am, in fact, planning a larger rewrite of CVX that will at some
point include Octave support. It has already been delayed for months,
and it will take many months to complete the first version, and I do
not have an estimate for when Octave support would be added. But I
plan to begin the project in January 2012.

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