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unexpected empty lines while using dlmwrite

From: Fritz Fischer
Subject: unexpected empty lines while using dlmwrite
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 14:30:49 +0100


(Octave 3.2.4 on Ubuntu 11.04)

I am not sure if this is a bug or it has other reasons but there are empty rows in a text file created with dlmwrite.
Since I want do use the file on a Windows machine, I chose to use the parameter "newline" , "pc" and to cut down the precision using "precision", "%.4f .

I want to use the following command:

dlmwrite (save_path_temp, output_matrix, "delimiter" , "," , "newline" , "pc", "precision", "%.4f")

If I am exporting a matrix (20000 rows, 20 columns) using dlmwrite there are few empty rows in it, e.g.

ROW 706: "706.0000,1.0000,-4.0926,0.9747,0.4117,..."
ROW 707:
ROW 708: "707.0000,1.0000,-4.0954,0.9830,0.4143,"

The empty lines are always at the same place if I re-run the function.
There seems to be a interdependence to the precision-parameters, too.

dlmwrite (save_path_temp, output_matrix, "delimiter" , "," , "newline" , "pc", "precision", "%.4f")

creates 6 empty rows.

Without the precision parameter,
dlmwrite (save_path_temp, output_matrix, "delimiter" , "," , "newline" , "pc")
creates 2 empty rows.

And if I do not use the "newline" parameter but the precision-parameter
dlmwrite (save_path_temp, soltrace_matrix, "delimiter" , "," , "precision", "%.4f")
everything works fine. There are no empty rows.

Any ideas what could cause this problem?

Kind regards,

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