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Re: LaTeX style for octave programs ?

From: U-E59264-Osman Buyukisik
Subject: Re: LaTeX style for octave programs ?
Date: Wed, 1 May 1996 11:03:08 -0400

 > Ferdinand Schinagl <address@hidden> wrote:
 > : does anybody know about a style file for LaTeX to include octave
 > : programs and have them typeset in a nice fashionable way?

I would suggest literate programming tools:
noweb/nuweb/fweb/funnelweb/CLiP any will do. Check the litprog FAQ
(comp.programming.literate). These tools will let you do the
styling yourself. But there may be spider (spiderweb) for MATLAB which you can
use for octave. This tool will pretty print/index automatically.

Except for CLiP they all depend on LaTex/TeX. CLiP will work with any word

These tools allow programs to be written like a book. ALso allow the
programmer to split/mix/create "chunks."  This way, one does not need
to worry about the order functions/vars defined. 

Hope this will results in some additional literati!


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