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Re: problem installing grub to linux mint partition

From: Pascal Hambourg
Subject: Re: problem installing grub to linux mint partition
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2018 19:31:58 +0200
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Le 03/06/2018 à 18:32, David H. Durgee a écrit :
My apologies for the mangled quotations in my replies.  I had not subscribed to the mailing list as I did not anticipate the need to continue following it after solving the problem at hand.  As such, I was viewing the replies on the web and copy/pasting them into the SeaMonkey email client to respond.  Unfortunately the web form contains only an option to reply directly to the author of a post via email, and even that includes no content of the post.

Hints :
- When you post on a mailing list you are not subscribed to, you can ask people that the replies are CC'ed to you. Some lists make this impossible by mangling the sender's address in the From: header, but this one doesn't. - If the list is mirrored as a newsgroup by (this list is) and your mail client does NNTP (Thunderbird does), you can read the posts through the newsgroup and reply to them. Gmane mangles the From: and To: headers, so you have to set the To: field manually and remove the Group: field. Be aware that the group name can differ broadly from the original list name ; for instance, this list is mirrored as gmane.comp.boot-loaders.grub.user.

Regarding the partition I am looking to install linux mint sylvia to, /dev/sda15 is indeed a logical partition and I am chaining from another boot loader.  The boot loader in particular is the IBM Boot Manager, as provided with the IBM OS/2 and the eCS products.  As I noted earlier, this boot loader can chain load a linux installation with grub installed in the PBR of a jfs partition.  I have also had suggestions to change from jfs to ext4 for the linux installation, but I have no idea if the IBM boot manager can chain load such a partition.

Is this the only reason why you use JFS (an IBM filesystem) ?
Is IBM Boot Manager natively capable of booting directly a Linux kernel image and its initramfs ? If no, then I guess it just chainloads the boot code in the partition's PBR and does not care about the filesystem type.

The other workable alternative would be if someone can tell me how to chain load an OS/2 or eCS installation on a jfs partition from grub. Obviously this works from the IBM Boot Manager as well as the Air Boot loader provided with later eCS systems.  I have tried in vain to do so myself with grub.  My vague recollection is that some information must be loaded in memory and pointed to at the point of chaining, but I don't know the details or how this can be done with grub.

I am afraid I cannot help you on this. I do not know OS/2 nor eCS at all. Would it be possible to install IBM Boot Manager's boot sector code into a partition's PBR instead of a disk's MBR ?

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