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Re: problem installing grub to linux mint partition

From: Pascal-liste
Subject: Re: problem installing grub to linux mint partition
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2018 09:37:38 +0200
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Le 03/06/2018 à 02:24, David H. Durgee a écrit :
I am encountering problems attempting to install grub on a linux mint 18.3 (sylvia) partition on a multi-boot system.  When booting the live DVD and invoking its installer the partition is not listed as a target to install grub.

Which devices are listed ?

I opened a terminal window and attempted to manually install grub with the following results:

sudo grub-install -v /dev/sda15
grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of `aufs'.

Is this a UEFI or BIOS/legacy setup ? I'll assume BIOS.

I guess you ran grub-install in the live system instead of the chrooted installed system. By default, it assumes that the boot directory is /boot on the current /. In your live system, / appears to be a AUFS (union mount), which is a virtual filesystem and cannot be mapped to a device. You must have the filesystem containing the /boot directory of the installed system mounted and specify the path to the directory.

grub-install --boot-directory=/<mountpoint>/boot /dev/sda15

Or chroot into the installed root, mount everything needed (/dev, /proc, /sys...) and run grub-install from there.

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