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Re: A potential user is asking me about the videos to learn Guix

From: Laura Lazzati
Subject: Re: A potential user is asking me about the videos to learn Guix
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2019 09:41:53 -0300

Hi former mentor :) - sounds weird :/

> > I am writing to the whole list so that all the community can tell me
> > what I should answer.
> I've just talked to my client, and we will spin up a VM with 10G stroge for 
> the
> temporary files tomorrow. Until this is done, you could upload the
> final videos to ipfs, and
> also the parts for the narrators.
I will tell them that we are still creating them, that we have a first
version in kind of a beta phase. I don't know if they will know how to
use ipfs. Or I could mention both, that we are still creating them and
that they could watch what we've got  with IPFS. Do you agree?

> Wdyt?
Great! I will write Paul for the narrations to see if he is
interested. Remember that tomorrow I will be out of town cause I am
travelling to the course I am taking, and I have to study some
material they sent us. And will give a talk telling about Outreachy
and Guix -promoting it as usual ;) - I know that I am not an intern
anymore ;) but I really want the videos to be online and let people
watch them. And next week when I come back I will be writing our TODO
list - let me know where to share it - reviewing all the emails.

And for the whole community: if you would like to contribute with the
videos, you are welcome to help :)

Regards :)

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