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Re: Linking statically with libguile on Debian

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: Linking statically with libguile on Debian
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 14:32:53 -0700

   From: David Allouche <address@hidden>
   Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 01:28:08 +0200

   I am a TeXmacs developper and I currently have problems with
   statically linking a binary against libguile 1.4 on Debian.

probably you mean the libguile that was shipped w/ guile-1.4 (which on
my system turns out to be -- can you confirm?).

   /usr/local/guile-1.4/lib/libguile.a(dynl.o): In function 
   /home/david/Desktop/guile-core-1.4/libguile/dynl.c:243: undefined 
   reference to `lt_dlopenext'

   That problem is fixed if I add -lltdl to the link command.

libguile depends on libltdl, so it seems to me "-lltdl" should be added
to the "guile-config link" output.  historically, libltdl was embedded
(no longer the case w/ guile-1.4.1, guile-1.5.x, and later), so this was
not necessary.

   I also tried to compile the upstream guile-1.4 package, but
   compilation failed.

yes, guile-1.4 is known to be slightly broken.  if you are adventurous,
i would recommend playing w/ guile-1.4.1 (in cvs -- see script below).
fwiw, my setup is reproducible via:

  checkout-hack -a
  cd hack/core-1-4
  sh -x
  mkdir ../core-1-4.b ; cd ../core-1-4.b           # b for "build"
  ../core-1-4/configure -C --enable-maintainer-mode --with-threads
  make check

which all depends on automake-1.5, autoconf-2.53, libtool-1.4.2
(installed under /usr/local).  w/ this i am working (slowly but maybe
faster w/ some help) towards guile-1.4.1 release.

see hack/core-1-4/NEWS, also available online:     (generally)

for more info.


#! /bin/sh -x
# Usage: checkout-hack
#        checkout-hack -a       # "all" includes branches
# Env var: CVSROOT

export CVSROOT

branches="1-4 1-6"

cvs co hack

if [ x"$1" = x-a ] ; then
    cd hack
    for branch in $branches ; do
        cvs co -d core-$branch -r branch_release-$branch core

# checkout-hack ends here

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