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Re: off subject: strange 5110 hardware mod seen

From: Iwo Mergler
Subject: Re: off subject: strange 5110 hardware mod seen
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2002 14:32:54 +0100

Pavel Machek wrote:
> > About the 'unlimited credit', when pre-pay was first introduced
> > in the UK, the credit was held in the SIM card and the phone did
> > the adjustments. This has been fixed in the UK (credits are managed
> > by the operator), but there may be some networks in the world which
> > still use the old method.
> Okay, I expected all these to be fixed by now. But with 'new' method,
> processor instead of sim does not help, right?
I wouldn't think so.

> >
> > You're joking, but the DECT standard mentions something like that,
> > where two GSM handsets can talk to each other directly over a range of
> > ~300m. Outside that they use the network. You need about 3W to cover
> > 20Km... - DECT is 250mW max.
> Where can I get details about DECT? Are there any phones out there
> supporting it?

It's the standard most wireless phones use. I came accross this
when I was trying to get a patent on exactly that, mobile phones
using a free frequency band for direct communication. DECT was 
the previous art which stopped it.

Somewhere on the website they mention dual-mode phones which can
do GSM and DECT. I don't think a lot of such phones have been built, 
it won't make the operators happy.

There seems to be at least one phone (Sagem), but it looks like
it can only talk to the basestation in your house, not to
other phones.

Another idea seems to be to use DECT for operator-run microcells,
so no free calls either...



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