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[gcmd-dev] [NEW] Internal viewer - support for metadata tags

From: Piotr Eljasiak
Subject: [gcmd-dev] [NEW] Internal viewer - support for metadata tags
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 00:40:31 +0200

> You're working at intview ATM ...? a chance for a comment :)

No, rather not... Currently I'm struggling with tabs support for gcmd
and intviewer was kind of a break for me from this misery ;o)

> As for images, it is most useful to be able to compare EXIF (or IPTC)
> rather fast between several images. IIRR we already talked about a
> 'next' feature in the same viewer window (which would preserve the
> widget staus). In my scenario, i open one image, do 't', click Exif,
> then move it aside. Then i opoen the next image, do 't', click Exif,
> and finally, i can compare.

I agree it's not that comfortable... As a kind of a workaround,
intviewer might remember the state of metatags tree view in the current
image and use it for next one... That should save 't' and Exif clicking
at least.

> Can't there be anything done to ease that somehow ? It would be great,
> for example, if i could use the Img up/down keys to jump to the
> next/previous image. I see no reason why it should not work for mixed
> files, too, though we normally just would not use it in this 
> situation.

Intviever definitely needs some revamping. I've been thinking on the
support for viewing consecutive files too. IMHO it should work for
selected files in gcmd, and navigation should be done with simply
LEFT/RIGHT keys. The bad news is, unfortunately, that it requires much
more coding and therefore I've postponed it for future relases.

Another-nice-things (TM) would be: 1) toolbar and 2) scrolling the view
with mouse...

> I think that generally comparing metadata is something users like to
> do more often. It's a basic problem, how to make it more
> effective....i've seen no really good solution so far. If gcmd had
> support for metatags in file list columns, well, that would 
> be a revolution.

First things first: tabs -> 1.2.8, switch to GtkKtreeView (and adding
'custom columns') -> 1.2.9

> btw. the menu shows a major (Shift) T but it actually works with minor

Fixed, rev. #2191

> ... hmm...is there any convenience about how to describe shortcuts ?

It is to be done, but not at the moment... :o(


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