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Re: [gcmd-dev] [NEW] Internal viewer - support for metadata tags

From: Michael
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] [NEW] Internal viewer - support for metadata tags
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 04:55:08 +0200
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> Hi folks,
> Since rev. 2184 intviewer is capable of displaying all metadata tags in
> tree view (accessible with T, CTRL+T or ALT+ENTER). I've dropped down
> the previous dependency on external tools for displaying Exif/IPTC data.



You're working at intview ATM ...? a chance for a comment :)
As for images, it is most useful to be able to compare EXIF (or IPTC) rather 
fast between several images. IIRR we already talked about a 'next' feature in 
the same viewer window (which would preserve the widget staus). In my scenario, 
i open one image, do 't', click Exif, then move it aside. Then i opoen the next 
image, do 't', click Exif, and finally, i can compare.
Can't there be anything done to ease that somehow ?
It would be great, for example, if i could use the Img up/down keys to jump to 
the next/previous image. IO see no reason why it should not work for mixed 
files, too, though we normally just would not use it in this situation.

I think that generally comparing metadata is something users like to do more 
often. It's a basic problem, how to make it more effective....i've seen no 
really good solution so far.
If gcmd had support for metatags in file list columns, well, that would be a 
With images, i like the gqview way because it shows the most important EXIF 
excerpt with fixed scrollbar position, so i don't have to adjust anything again.

btw. the menu shows a major (Shift) T but it actually works with minor t ... 
hmm...is there any  convenience about how to describe shortcuts ?

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