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Re: [gcmd-dev] Metatags

From: Magnus Stålnacke
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] Metatags
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 03:57:41 +0200
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Magnus Stålnacke wrote:

I will test your latest changes tomorrow and get back
about that, plus some other things regarding, programs,
scripts and plugins i have been thinking about.

OK, here it comes.

I start with one thought about meta-tags.
I feel there is a need for viewing meta-tags only,
i think the proper place for it would be in a tab
under rightclick->properties. With an image the
F3 viewer is OK, but not if we are talking music
or film. I wrote "feel there is a need" because
i just use a simple script for it now, and of course
that works just fine, but this was more thought as
a newbie friendly thing.

Well, the newly downloaded source has just compiled
and i should make a test.

The "$T(IPTC.Keywords,1)" does not work, it just wants
to use all of them, just as "$T(IPTC.Keywords)", and i
did not see any of your ' ' separator. Everything else
seem to work as usual.

I also saw your change to the NEWS file where you added
advrename Exif and IPTC support, i was a bit to fast
in updating the homepage, i will correct it since this
change is a big change/new feature/new capability.

Now over to my thoughts on scripts and programs, i think
this needs some discussion. I think many of us tend to
collect quite a number of of scripts doing various things.
On some filetypes the list of "programs" in the rightclick
menu risk beeing quite long, i remember Micha also mention
this. A solution would be a tree, but there is more.

Think of Gimp, there we have both scripts and plugins.
What i am thinking of here is a catalog that you just
put scripts under, /usr/lib/gnome-commander/scripts
would probably be the proper place for global scripts,
and of course the same for user scripts under
~/.gnome-commander/scripts - Just like in Gimp.

How to make the tree then? Well, just make the rightclick
menu reflect a folder tree under gnome-commander/scripts

Lets say that i have four scripts for image processing,
one for Exif, one IPTC, one for downscaling and framing
and one for scaling to really small pics.
Then i just save my gcmd-scripts in a tree under scripts
like this:
|-- MetaData
|   |-- Exif.sh
|   `-- IPTC.sh
`-- Scaling
    |-- Frame-n-Scale.sh
    `-- MkSmall.sh

And this will produce a menu where "Scripts" has two childs,
MetaData and Scaling that each contains two scripts. But how
to show only relevant scripts, or having irrelevant entries
in the menu greyed out depending on filetype? Could this be
done in the script itself?
Maybe like this:

#GCMD-Extentions: *.jpg;*.tif;*.ppm
#GCMD-Terminal: yes
#GCMD-DisplayName: EntryName

I think this could be one solution of handling scripts.
One could easily think of other #GCMD-options in the script,
like "close terminal on exit", "minimize to bay" maybee even
what terminal to use, the terminal command with colors
and so on.

But of course.
It could also be done in the /editor/ under "Programs dialog"
with a modification to the "Name" field that takes an entry like
(with the above example of scripts):

Name:    Scripts|MetaData|Exif
Command: /search/path/to/Exif.sh

This solution is even simpler userwise to make a menu tree,
and it makes no visible difference to the programs "editor"
of today, and does not introduce any GCMD-specific things in
the scripts. Well, what do you think?

And about advrename on searchresult, no that did not work,
but i guess you allredy knew that.

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