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Re: [gcmd-dev] Metatags

From: Magnus Stålnacke
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] Metatags
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 20:21:50 +0200
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Magnus Stålnacke wrote:

I will get back in this thread when i have done some testing.

Here comes a report of a first little testdrive.

It compiled fine, but i forgot about that gnome-autogen,
so i had to find an old autogen.sh, then it went on.
Where on earth do i find that "gnome-common"?

First i did not get it, advrename looked just like
before... Well of course, that $T(....) is supposed
to be written in the "replace with" box i thought.
So i tried:

Replace this: .jpg

With this: $T(Exif.DateTime).jpg

Hard crash when i hit enter, GCMD just died on me.
I suppose it is not ment to be written like that,
but it is not good that it crashes if the user makes
an error like this.

Hehe.. Is it obvious that i never use the advrename
in advanced ways?

Then i tried a new replace:

Replace this: _

With this: _$T(Exif.DateTime)_

Well, i got a file named: img_$T(Exif.DateTime)_2670.jpg

:-) ...

I am obviously missing something here, but what..

I think this advrename is in need of a help file..
Now i did some RTFM in the usual places.. found the
advrename textfile in the source. That helped.

Tried following "Template" (would "Rule" be a
better name?):


Hey.. :-)
It works!

Added also a Replace-with rule to replace spaces and colons
in the time stamp, this on two files containing Exif info.

Works fine.

Now what happens if i add a jpeg without Exif to those
two? Found a bug! The above "Template" then wanted to
rename the Exif-less file "malmlok.jpg" to "mal__lok.jpg",
i do not think it should do that.

Now lets try Exif keywords on a file that exif reports
as this:

 Tag      Name                 Type      Size  Value
 -------- -------------------- --------- ----  -----
 1:000    Model Version        Short        2  4
 1:090    Coded Character Set  Binary       3  1b 25 47
 2:000    Record Version       Short        2  4
 2:010    Urgency              NumString    1  1
 2:025:00 Keywords             String       4  LKAB
 2:025:01 Keywords             String       7  malmlok
 2:025:02 Keywords             String       4  tåg
 2:025:03 Keywords             String       9  transport
 2:025:04 Keywords             String       8  industri
 2:025:05 Keywords             String       9  järnväg
 2:080    By-line              String      17  Magnus Stålnacke
 2:090    City                 String      10  Malmberget
 2:092    Sub-location         String       9  Vitåfors
 2:095    Province/State       String      10  Norrbotten
 2:101    Country Name         String       6  Sweden
 2:105    Headline             String      15  Repstoppet 2005
2:120 Caption/Abstract String 35 Malmlok på bangården i Vitåfors.

I bet it will write all keywords, or only the first as
filename... Yep. It used only the first one, this is
not good. My suggestion is to use the last two digits
in the numerical codes as option (without option = take the
first like today), like: $T(IPTC.Keywords.03).

Have i reported that the internal viewer IPTC does not
handle swedish? Some months ago i had a little discussion
with the author of libiptcdata, David Moore" about iso/utf-8,
and he said:

"iptc _always_ uses UTF-8 internally, regardless of what your term is
using.  It converts the input from your term's charset to UTF-8, and
then converts the output from UTF-8 to your term's charset.  So it
should work in both places unless something is misconfigured."

So, the data inside my jpeg should be in UTF-8, why does
not GCMD handle it? I mean, most other Gnome-things handle
both iso and utf just fine.

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