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RE: [Gcl-devel] WIN32 / TK

From: Mike Thomas
Subject: RE: [Gcl-devel] WIN32 / TK
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 10:14:27 +1000

Hi Jacques.

| Weeks ago, I have bothered you getting a recent win32 GCL binary
| suitable for
| ACL2

No worries.

| Now, the story is different, I want to write some code in GCL but
| displaying
| TK widgets
| Something goes wrong
| Is it supposed to work fine on win32 ? Should I have installed
| something else
| prior to GCL ?

GCL-TK doesn't work on Windows and I've left it at the bottom of my priority
heap for the moment I'm sorry.

There is an easy (but undocumented) alternative.  If you just want to do
some GUI work without using TK widgets specifically and you have Java
installed on your computer (the command "java" in your path) try using the
Japi binding.

An example of how to use it follows.  Just save the example into a file,
compile it and  load.  (It is important to compile first - it won't work

For example:

  (load (compile-file "c:/cvs/head/gcl/japitest.lsp"))

Japi has the advantage that you can write everthing in Lisp and the library
has been ported to lots of different languages so once you know it it is
easy to use in all sorts of environments.  My understanding is that
non-trivial work with GCL-TK requires both Lisp and TCL code, but I may be
wrong on that.

Feel free to ask if you need help.


Mike Thomas

========= JACQUES, CUT AND PASTE FROM BELOW THIS LINE ==================

;;; Japi is a cross-platform, easy to use (rough and ready) Java based GUI
;;; Download a library and headers for your platform, and get the C examples
;;; and documentation from:
;;;     http://www.japi.de/
;;; This file shows how to use some of the available functions.  You may
;;; that the only functions tested so far in the binding are those which
;;; below, as this file doubles as the test program.  The binding is so
;;; however that so far no binding (APART FROM J_PRINT) has gone wrong of
;;; tested so far!
;;; (compile-file "c:/cvs/gcl/japitest.lsp") (load "c:/cvs/gcl/japitest.o")
;;; Requires either "java" or "jre" in the path to work.

(in-package :japi-primitives)

;; Start up the Japi server (needs to find either "java" or "jre" in your
(defmacro with-server ((app-name debug-level) . body)
  (multiple-value-bind (ds b)
                       (si::find-declarations body)
                       `(if (= 0 (j_start))
                            (format t (format nil "~S can't connect to the Japi 
GUI server."
                            (j_setdebug ,debug-level)
                                (progn ,@b)

;; Use a frame and clean up afterwards even if trouble ensues
(defmacro with-frame ((frame-var-name title) . body)
  (multiple-value-bind (ds b)
                       (si::find-declarations body)
                       `(let ((,frame-var-name (j_frame ,title)))
                              (progn ,@b)
                            (j_dispose ,frame-var-name)))))

;; Use a canvas and clean up afterwards even if trouble ensues
(defmacro with-canvas ((canvas-var-name frame-obj x-size y-size) . body)
  (multiple-value-bind (ds b)
                       (si::find-declarations body)
                       `(let ((,canvas-var-name (j_canvas ,frame-obj ,x-size 
                              (progn ,@b)
                            (j_dispose ,canvas-var-name)))))

;; Use a pulldown menu bar and clean up afterwards even if trouble ensues
(defmacro with-menu-bar ((bar-var-name frame-obj) . body)
  (multiple-value-bind (ds b)
                       (si::find-declarations body)
                       `(let ((,bar-var-name (j_menubar ,frame-obj)))
                              (progn ,@b)
                            (j_dispose ,bar-var-name)))))

;; Add a pulldown menu and clean up afterwards even if trouble ensues
(defmacro with-menu ((menu-var-name bar-obj title) . body)
  (multiple-value-bind (ds b)
                       (si::find-declarations body)
                       `(let ((,menu-var-name (j_menu ,bar-obj ,title)))
                              (progn ,@b)
                            (j_dispose ,menu-var-name)))))

;; Add a pulldown menu item and clean up afterwards even if trouble ensues
(defmacro with-menu-item ((item-var-name menu-obj title) . body)
  (multiple-value-bind (ds b)
                       (si::find-declarations body)
                       `(let ((,item-var-name (j_menuitem ,menu-obj ,title)))
                              (progn ,@b)
                            (j_dispose ,item-var-name)))))

;; Add a mouse listener and clean up afterwards even if trouble ensues
(defmacro with-mouse-listener ((var-name obj type) . body)
  (multiple-value-bind (ds b)
                       (si::find-declarations body)
                       `(let ((,var-name (j_mouselistener ,obj ,type)))
                              (progn ,@b)
                            (j_dispose ,var-name)))))

;; Run a five second frame in a Japi server
(with-server ("GCL Japi library test GUI 1" 0)
             (with-frame (frame "Five Second Blank Test Frame")
                         (j_show frame)
                         (j_sleep 5000)))

;; Get a pointer to an array of ints
(defCfun "static void* inta_ptr(object s)" 0
  " return(s->fixa.fixa_self);")
(defentry inta-ptr (object) (int "inta_ptr"))

;; Draw function
(defun drawgraphics (drawable xmin ymin xmax ymax)
  (let* ((fntsize 10)
         (tmpstrx (format nil "XMax = ~D" xmax))
         (tmpstry (format nil "YMax = ~D" ymax))
         (tmpstrwidx (j_getstringwidth drawable tmpstrx)))
    (j_setfontsize drawable fntsize)
    (j_setnamedcolor drawable J_RED)

    (j_drawline drawable xmin ymin        (- xmax 1)      (- ymax 1))
    (j_drawline drawable xmin (- ymax 1)  (- xmax 1)      ymin)
    (j_drawrect drawable xmin ymin        (- xmax xmin 1) (- ymax xmin 1))

    (j_setnamedcolor drawable J_BLACK)
    (j_drawline drawable xmin (- ymax 30) (- xmax 1)      (- ymax 30))
    (j_drawstring drawable (- (/ xmax 2) (/ tmpstrwidx 2)) (- ymax 40)

    (j_drawline drawable (+ xmin 30) ymin (+ xmin 30) (- ymax 1))
    (j_drawstring drawable (+ xmin 50) 40 tmpstry)

    (j_setnamedcolor drawable J_MAGENTA)
    (loop for i from 1 to 10
          do (j_drawoval drawable
                         (+ xmin (/ (- xmax xmin) 2))
                         (+ ymin (/ (- ymax ymin) 2))
                         (* (/ (- xmax xmin) 20) i)
                         (* (/ (- ymax ymin) 20) i)))

    (j_setnamedcolor drawable J_BLUE)
    (let ((y ymin)
          (teststr "JAPI Test Text"))
      (loop for i from 5 to 21 do
            (j_setfontsize drawable i)
            (let ((x (- xmax (j_getstringwidth drawable teststr))))
              (setf y (+ y (j_getfontheight drawable)))
              (j_drawstring drawable x y teststr))))))

;; Run some more extensive tests
 ("GCL Japi library test GUI 2" 0)
  (frame "Draw")
  (j_show frame)
  (let ((alert (j_messagebox frame "Two second alert box" "label")))
    (j_sleep 2000)
    (j_dispose alert))
  (let ((result1 (j_alertbox frame "label1" "label2" "OK"))
        (result2 (j_choicebox2 frame "label1" "label2" "Yes" "No"))
        (result3 (j_choicebox3 frame "label1" "label2" "Yes" "No" "Cancel")))
    (format t "Requestor results were: ~D, ~D, ~D~%" result1 result2
  (j_setborderlayout frame)
   (menubar frame)
    (file menubar "File")
     (print file "Print")
      (save file "Save BMP")
       (quit file "Quit")
        (canvas frame 400 600)
        (j_pack frame)
        (drawgraphics canvas 0 0 (j_getwidth canvas) (j_getheight canvas))
        (j_show frame)
        (do ((obj (j_nextaction) (j_nextaction)))
            ((or (= obj frame) (= obj quit)) t)
            (when (= obj canvas)
              (j_setnamedcolorbg canvas J_WHITE)
              (drawgraphics canvas 10 10
                            (- (j_getwidth canvas) 10)
                            (- (j_getheight canvas) 10)))
            (when (= obj print)
              (let ((printer (j_printer frame)))
                (when (> 0 printer)
                  (drawgraphics printer 40 40
                                (- (j_getwidth printer) 80)
                                (- (j_getheight printer) 80))
                  (j_print printer))))
            (when (= obj save)
              (let ((image (j_image 600 800)))
                (drawgraphics image 0 0 600 800)
                (when (= 0 (j_saveimage image "test.bmp" J_BMP))
                  (j_alertbox frame "Problems" "Can't save the image" 
;; Try some mouse handling
 ("GCL Japi library test GUI 3" 0)
  (frame "Move and drag the mouse")
  (j_setsize frame 430 240)
  (j_setnamedcolorbg frame J_LIGHT_GRAY)
   (canvas1 frame 200 200)
    (canvas2 frame 200 200)
    (j_setpos canvas1 10 30)
    (j_setpos canvas2 220 30)
     (pressed canvas1 J_PRESSED)
      (dragged canvas1 J_DRAGGED)
       (released canvas1 J_RELEASED)
        (entered canvas2 J_ENTERERD)
         (moved canvas2 J_MOVED)
          (exited canvas2 J_EXITED)
          (j_show frame)
          ;; Allocate immovable storage for passing data back from C land.
          ;; Uses the GCL only make-array keyword :static
          (let* ((xa (make-array 1 :initial-element 0 :element-type 'fixnum 
                 (ya (make-array 1 :initial-element 0 :element-type 'fixnum 
:static t))
                 (pxa (inta-ptr xa))
                 (pya (inta-ptr ya))
                 (x 0)
                 (y 0)
                 (get-mouse-xy (lambda (obj)
                                 (progn (j_getmousepos obj pxa pya)
                                        (setf x (aref xa 0))
                                        (setf y (aref ya 0)))))
                 (startx 0)
                 (starty 0))
            (do ((obj (j_nextaction) (j_nextaction)))
                ((= obj frame) t)
                (when (= obj pressed)
                  (funcall get-mouse-xy pressed)
                  (setf startx x)
                  (setf starty y))
                (when (= obj dragged)
                  (funcall get-mouse-xy dragged)
                  (j_drawrect canvas1 startx starty (- x startx) (- y starty)))
                (when (= obj released)
                  (funcall get-mouse-xy released)
                  (j_drawrect canvas1 startx starty (- x startx) (- y starty)))
                (when (= obj entered)
                  (funcall get-mouse-xy entered)
                  (setf startx x)
                  (setf starty y))
                (when (= obj moved)
                  (funcall get-mouse-xy moved)
                  (j_drawline canvas2 startx starty x y))
                (setf startx x)
                (setf starty y)
                (when (= obj exited)
                  (funcall get-mouse-xy exited)
                  (j_drawline canvas2 startx starty x y))))))))))))))

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