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[Gcl-devel] Re: compile problem

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: [Gcl-devel] Re: compile problem
Date: 29 Aug 2002 18:22:08 -0400

Greetings, and thanks for your report!

I cannot reproduce this, so will need more details, specifically the
exact error message on failed compilation.

(BTW, using bash, one sets environment variables using 'export

intech19:/fix/t2/camm# dpkg -i gcl_2.5.0.cvs20020625-44_i386.deb 
(Reading database ... 80683 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to replace gcl 2.5.0.cvs20020523-2 (using 
gcl_2.5.0.cvs20020625-44_i386.deb) ...
remove/gcl: purging byte-compiled files for emacs20
Unpacking replacement gcl ...
Preparing to replace gcl-doc 2.5.0.cvs20020219-2 (using 
gcl-doc_2.5.0.cvs20020625-44_all.deb) ...
Unpacking replacement gcl-doc ...
Setting up gcl (2.5.0.cvs20020625-44) ...
install/gcl: Handling install for emacsen flavor emacs20
Loading 00debian-vars...
Loading 50cflow (source)...
Loading 50crypt++ (source)...
Loading 50cxref (source)...
Loading 50debview (source)...
Loading 50dpkg-dev (source)...
Loading 50ess (source)...
Loading 50flim-init (source)...
Loading 50gcl (source)...
Loading 50gettext (source)...
Loading 50ilisp (source)...
Loading /etc/ilisp/ilisp.el (source)...
Loading 50mailcrypt (source)...
Loading 50maxima (source)...
Loading 50octave (source)...
Loading 51apel-init...
Loading 51wemi-init...
Loading mail-mime-setup...
gnus-mime-setup is not found.
emh-setup is not found.
Wrote /usr/share/emacs20/site-lisp/gcl/add-default.elc
Wrote /usr/share/emacs20/site-lisp/gcl/ansi-doc.elc
Wrote /usr/share/emacs20/site-lisp/gcl/dbl.elc
Wrote /usr/share/emacs20/site-lisp/gcl/default.elc
Wrote /usr/share/emacs20/site-lisp/gcl/doc-to-texi.elc
Wrote /usr/share/emacs20/site-lisp/gcl/gcl.elc
Wrote /usr/share/emacs20/site-lisp/gcl/man1-to-texi.elc
Wrote /usr/share/emacs20/site-lisp/gcl/smart-complete.elc
Wrote /usr/share/emacs20/site-lisp/gcl/sshell.elc

Setting up gcl-doc (2.5.0.cvs20020625-44) ...

intech19:/fix/t2/camm# exit
intech19:/fix/t2/camm$ cd
intech19:~$ ls *lisp
askp.lisp       displa.lisp     logical-pathnames.lisp  mload.lisp   
autol.lisp      fg.lisp         mflop.lisp              sinint.lisp  
defsystem.lisp  init_max1.lisp  mflop2.lisp             transl.lisp
intech19:~$ gcl
GCL (GNU Common Lisp)  Version(2.5.0) Wed Aug 28 18:17:19 EDT 2002
Licensed under GNU Library General Public License
Contains Enhancements by W. Schelter

>(compile-file "mflop2.lisp")

Compiling mflop2.lisp.
Warning: The OPTIMIZE quality DEBUG is unknown.
Warning: The OPTIMIZE quality DEBUG is unknown.
End of Pass 1.  
End of Pass 2.  
OPTIMIZE levels: Safety=0 (No runtime error checking), Space=0, Speed=3
Finished compiling mflop2.lisp.


"Gordon Shaw Novak" <address@hidden> writes:

> Camm,
>    I tried downloading and installing GCL on my laptop running Debian.
> The purpose of this was to determine an "easy" installation method
> so I could tell it to my new graduate students in my AI course.
>    I downloaded gcl_2.5.0.cvs20020625-43_i386.deb .  I also had to
> download libgmp3, which required removing libgmp2 and thus all the
> python stuff that depended on it -- kind of a pain.
> After that I did  dpkg --install libgmp*.deb and  dpkg --install gcl*.deb
> and it was very fast and smooth.  The GCL appears to work fine,
> except that it gets the compile problems we have seen before --
> any attempt to compile a function encounters an error.
> On our CS machines, the compile problem seems to be fixed by including
> the right things in the PATH.  I'm not sure what I should include in
> the PATH on my machine, and I don't seem to have the 'setenv' command.
> (My laptop Linux is my own installation -- the staff doesn't support
> 'private' machine Linux.  I just did the standard installation, with
> some help from Kay and the local SIGLinux students.)
> At any rate, the fact that we keep getting this problem in compiling
> functions indicates to me that this is a problem that ought to be
> tracked down and fixed somehow.  I would like to encourage the spread
> of Lisp, and one step toward that goal is having versions of GCL that
> anyone can easily download and use (including the vast hordes of
> Windows users).

Indeed, and I would like to help in this goal.  In terms of easy
packages for Windows, though, that will have to be left up to others,
as I don't have access to such a machine.

BTW, if I get a moment, it would be rather straightforward to setup
Debian's gcl to use the optimal bignum code on whichever cpu was
running, even if the package is installed on a /usr shared via nfs.
Debian already has the infrastructure setup for this, as exampled by
atlas.  My question -- what are the performance improvements
attainable using ISA extension instructions such as SSE in gcl's
gmp-derived bignum code?

Take care, 

> Many thanks, Gordon

Camm Maguire                                            address@hidden
"The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."  --  Baha'u'llah

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