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[Gcl-devel] compile problem

From: Gordon Shaw Novak
Subject: [Gcl-devel] compile problem
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 15:54:25 -0500

   I tried downloading and installing GCL on my laptop running Debian.
The purpose of this was to determine an "easy" installation method
so I could tell it to my new graduate students in my AI course.
   I downloaded gcl_2.5.0.cvs20020625-43_i386.deb .  I also had to
download libgmp3, which required removing libgmp2 and thus all the
python stuff that depended on it -- kind of a pain.

After that I did  dpkg --install libgmp*.deb and  dpkg --install gcl*.deb
and it was very fast and smooth.  The GCL appears to work fine,
except that it gets the compile problems we have seen before --
any attempt to compile a function encounters an error.

On our CS machines, the compile problem seems to be fixed by including
the right things in the PATH.  I'm not sure what I should include in
the PATH on my machine, and I don't seem to have the 'setenv' command.
(My laptop Linux is my own installation -- the staff doesn't support
'private' machine Linux.  I just did the standard installation, with
some help from Kay and the local SIGLinux students.)

At any rate, the fact that we keep getting this problem in compiling
functions indicates to me that this is a problem that ought to be
tracked down and fixed somehow.  I would like to encourage the spread
of Lisp, and one step toward that goal is having versions of GCL that
anyone can easily download and use (including the vast hordes of
Windows users).
Many thanks, Gordon

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