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RE: patch for Dired second header line info

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: patch for Dired second header line info
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 14:29:09 -0800

> >     total files 420/694 space 19646/56456000
> > That is extremely misleading, since the first is
> > VISIBLE/IN-DIR and the second is IN-DIR/TOTAL.
> > In other words, the 694 is analogous to the 19646,
> > but 694 comes second in a pair, while 19646 comes first in a pair.
> I believe it's worse than that:  it's not IN-DIR/TOTAL but
> BYES-USED-IN-DIR/BYTES-LEFT-ON-DISK, i.e. the second number may be
> smaller than the first.

That was my guess also. Which is why, although I used "files 420/694", I
used "space used 19646 available 56456000".

The tooltip also helps:

"Files shown, total files in dir, Kbytes used in dir, Kbytes available on
disk [RET, mouse-2: more info]"

IMO, it's not worth adding a lot of text for this to the buffer, but a
tooltip can help clarify things - for example, that "space used" refers to
the directory, but "available" refers to free disk space (independent of any

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