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Re: [Duplicity-talk] My Incremental and Full Scripts

From: Tim Riemenschneider
Subject: Re: [Duplicity-talk] My Incremental and Full Scripts
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 01:15:49 +0100
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I also have a script to contribute. It uses the
full-if-older-than-feature, so only 1 script. What makes this script
special is that it uses lvm-snapshots for doing consistent backups.
The script defines a bash-function backup_lvm with 3 parameters, the
last of which is optional.
1. lvm name
2. file list
3. snapshot creation-command (in the script the var-partition uses a
custom command for making mysql-snapshots, this shows that the command
may be a bash-function, i.e. anything that can be given to "eval $cmd")

Each filesystem is saved in a separate folder on the server.
All files in the filelist _have to be prefixed by /snap_, because the
snapshot is mounted there. (And remember to exclude the normal
mount-point, that is if you wish to include "/home/someuser", with /home
being a separate partition, you have to include "/snap/someuser" in the
It also uses a quite funny file-selection: all files from the filelist
are included, the snapshot-mountpoint (which is the source for the
backup) itself is excluded.

The root-include.txt (for the root-filesystem "/") f.e. contains:
- /snap/etc/mtab

If you want to backup the whole filesystem, provide a filelist only
containing "/snap". (This is equivalent to "duplicity --include /snap
--exclude /snap /snap ....", which IMO looks funny.....)


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