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[Duplicity-talk] ftplicity 1.4.1b released

From: Edgar Soldin
Subject: [Duplicity-talk] ftplicity 1.4.1b released
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2008 20:32:11 +0100
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Hi all,

ftplicity has again moved a little bit forward. Everybody is welcome to
test and suggest.

The new version adds the command status and a preview option, to review
the generated duplicity command line. This is meant for bug fixing and
helpful if the exact duplicity call is requested eg. on the mailing
list. Be aware that this might include confidential information like
passwords that you might want to blank before publishing.

The changes in detail:

ftplicity 1.4.1b
- introduce status (duplicity collection-status) command
- pre/post script output printed always now, not only on errors
- new config parameter GPG_OPTS to pass gpg options
  added examples & comments to profile template conf
- reworked separator times, added duration display
- added --preview switch, to preview generated command lines
- disabled MAX_AGE, MAX_FULL_BACKUPS, VERBOSITY in generated
  profiles because they have reasonable defaults now if not set

Although still undocumented, the following already works. _All_ options
(except ftplicity option --preview) are now forwarded to duplicity. This
makes it for example possible to overwrite the profiles loglevel on the
fly, just for one call. This shall prevent users having to edit the
profile for options they only want to test (add later if they fit the
purpose) or just need momentarily (eg. loglevel).

Regards Ede

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