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[Duplicity-talk] [Fwd: thoughts about duplicity]

From: Karol Szkudlarek
Subject: [Duplicity-talk] [Fwd: thoughts about duplicity]
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 09:20:05 +0200
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I tried to use duplicity for my day to day backup system. And now I noticed 2 aspects:

1) it should be very helpful if all commands have abbreviations. For example commands: 'list-current-files' and 'collection-status' are very long and will be easier to use if 'list-current-files' have for example: 'list' abberviation, and for 'collection-status' simple: 'status' abbreviation. Or even: 'ls' and 'st' respectively.
2) command 'list-current-files' shows contents of archive, for example:

Mon Aug 8 11:57:48 2005 home/karol/.purple/logs/jabber/address@hidden/address@hidden/2005-08-08.105728.txt Mon Aug 8 12:04:28 2005 home/karol/.purple/logs/jabber/address@hidden/address@hidden/2005-08-08.110330.txt Mon Aug 8 12:10:30 2005 home/karol/.purple/logs/jabber/address@hidden/address@hidden/2005-08-08.110958.txt

and in my opinion the path column (home/karol.purple/...) more natural should be printed with preceding slash: /home/karol/.purple. The same refers to "restore" command where if I want restore /home/karol path
currently I should write:

duplicity restore --file-to-restore home/karol scp://address@hidden/some_dir /home/karol/

Lately I want after crash restore from backup my thunderbird profile and I was very dissapointed that duplicity
after command restore not found my thunderbird profile:

address@hidden:~/tmp$ duplicity restore --file-to-restore /home/karol/.mozilla-thunderbird scp://address@hidden/duplicity_ubuntu_lap /home/karol/tmp/th
GnuPG passphrase:
Retype to confirm:
/home/karol/.mozilla-thunderbird not found in archive, no files restored.

but after some time and listing archive I try write path withoud preceding slash

address@hidden:~/tmp$ duplicity restore --file-to-restore home/karol/.mozilla-thunderbird scp://address@hidden/duplicity_ubuntu_lap /home/karol/tmp/th

and restore was successfull.

This is my short feedback after several use of duplicity.


Karol Szkudlarek
ul. Wykopy 2/4
60-001 POZNAƑ
tel. +48 61 6655600
fax +48 61 6655602
e-mail address@hidden

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