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[Duplicity-talk] Version 0.4.12 Released

From: Kenneth Loafman
Subject: [Duplicity-talk] Version 0.4.12 Released
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 10:53:48 -0500
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It's been a while, but the rumors of my demise are greatly mistaken.
This one is a minimalist release with only the accumulated bugs and
patches that have been fixed by others.  I appreciate all the help.

This release runs all regression tests under Python 2.3 to 2.5.


New in v0.4.12 (2008/07/22)
Dan Muresan created a patch to minimize the number of password
prompts.  To do so, it sometimes requests a password once without
confirmation; if later it turns out that a full backup is needed,
the user is prompted for confirmation.

bug #23540: doc bug in man page (environment FTP_PASSWORD)

bug #23362: Documentation for --version, --time-separator <char>

bug #23283: interactive passphrase query is suboptimal

bug #23066 was not actually applied to 0.4.11.  Its here now.

bug #22826: regressions caused by boto 1.1c

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