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Re: runtime 2.0 issues.

From: Andreas Fink
Subject: Re: runtime 2.0 issues.
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2019 17:07:30 +0100

David, is your version of gnustep-base under FreeBSD using libffi or not? And 
if yes, is it version 3.2.1 or something newer?

> On 6 Mar 2019, at 01:27, David Chisnall <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 05/03/2019 12:45, Andreas Fink wrote:
>> Making all for tool cvtenc...
>>  Linking tool cvtenc ...
>> ./obj/cvtenc.obj/cvtenc.m.o:(.data..objc_init[.objc_init]+0x18): undefined 
>> reference to `__start___objc_classes'
>> ./obj/cvtenc.obj/cvtenc.m.o:(.data..objc_init[.objc_init]+0x20): undefined 
>> reference to `__stop___objc_classes'
> As I have said before, this is a bug in clang 7.x  It is fixed in the 8.x 
> release branch and the fix is back-ported in the FreeBSD llvm70 package.  If 
> your favourite operating system's LLVM 7 package does not work, please ask 
> them to incorporate this fix:
> https://svnweb.freebsd.org/ports/head/devel/llvm70/files/clang/patch-tools_clang_lib_CodeGen_CGObjCGNU.cpp?revision=489195&view=markup
> This bug doesn't affect real code, but it will be a problem for any programs 
> that use Objective-C but don't contain any classes, which unfortunately 
> includes most of the GNUstep base configure scripts.
> I have tested clang 8 on FreeBSD and am able to build all of the GNUstep 
> applications that I've tried (all of the ones in the FreeBSD ports 
> collection) with it without issues.  This version already contains the bug 
> fix.  It does cause a regression in one of the libobjc2 tests, which I'm 
> working on tracking down (it's triggered by a change to how LLVM does ARC 
> optimisation, but that's not actually the cause), but that particular pattern 
> is unlikely to occur in real code.
> David
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