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[Chicken-users] 4.6.7 development snapshot available

From: Felix
Subject: [Chicken-users] 4.6.7 development snapshot available
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2011 20:43:59 +0200 (CEST)


A development snapshot for CHICKEN 4.6.7 is now available at the usual

This will be the last snapshot before the 4.7.0 release, which is
currently being prepared.

What's new:

- Build system
  - On BSD, is linked with -lpthread, as this seems
    to be required for linking libraries that require pthreads
- Compiler
  - Removed irreliable lambda-lifting optimization (now, really!);
    the "-lambda-lift" option is still accepted but produces a
  - When "-scrutinize" is given, installed ".types" files will be
    automatically consulted for extensions and used units
  - Fixed optimizer bug in handling of "let" forms with multiple
    bindings which could result in toplevel assignments being
    silently dropped (reported by Moritz Heidkamp)
- Syntax expander
  - For-syntax syntax definitions where not correctly retained inside
  - Peter Bex fixed various critical bugs in the expander
  - The internal simplification for quasiquote expressions was unable
    to handle certain circular data (reported by Moritz Heidkamp)
- Interpreter
  - The ",m" toplevel command now accepts "#f" to switch back to
    the initial empty module context (suggested by Christian Kellermann)
- Core libraries
  - "library" unit
    - Added "condition->list" (thanks to Christian Kellermann)
    - The reader accepts now escaped octal character codes in string 
    - Read-syntax can return zero values to indicate ignored objects
    - R5RS output routines now always return a "void" result
    - "\|" was not correctly escaped when occurring inside
      symbol print names
  - "extras" unit
    - The pretty printer did not escape some control characters correctly
      (reported by Alan Post) 
  - "posix" unit
    - "close-input-pipe" did not return status code of process on
      Windows (reported by Mario Domenech Goulart)
  - "tcp" unit
    - Fixed bug in "tcp-abandon-port" (reported by Jim Ursetto)
- Tools
  - The "-deploy" option did not copy the correct library (including
    the version-number) (thanks to Christian Kellermann)
- Runtime-system
  - Little-endian detection on MIPS systems was not correct (thanks
    to Christian Kellermann)
  - Fixed bug in handling of runtime-options with arguments (also
    reported by Christian Kellermann)
  - Fixed typo in "runtime.c" (thanks to Sven Hartrumpf)
- Foreign function interface
  - Added support for missing "(const [XXX-]c-string)" foreign type
    (thanks to Moritz Heidkamp)
- Documentation
  - Added list of installed files to README
  - Documented remaining "c...r" standard procedures (thanks to 
    Juergen Lorenz)


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