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Weird positioning of widgets within cdk screens

From: Elliot Li
Subject: Weird positioning of widgets within cdk screens
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2015 21:09:36 -0800


I’m having this problem when trying the cdk library. I created several new 
WINDOW and ran initCDKScreen() on them to manage different collection of 
widgets. After that I create cdk widgets in these screens. However the xpos and 
ypos I used for widgets seem not right. For one screen, (0,0) is the top left 
corner of the screen, which is correct, but (1,1) is not at location (1,1) but 
at (1,1); (1,2) is shown at (1,1). For another screen, (5,5) is shown at (0,5). 
I don’t know if this is random or if I did something very wrong.

Do you guys have any clue why this can happen? Thanks in advance.


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