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Displaying multiple forms at the same time

From: Elliot Li
Subject: Displaying multiple forms at the same time
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2015 12:38:15 -0800


I’m new to ncurses and am trying to develop a C/C++ program that should look 
like HDCopy [1]. The content of the Messages box will be dynamically added and 
should be scrollable (no need to be editable).
I think each block should be programmed using a form and managed separately but 
please let me know if there’s an easier way to achieve that appearance.

I’m testing the dialog library because I like its style and widgets. But it 
seems not supporting showing multiple forms (or dialogs) at the same time so 
I’m digging into the lower level and am trying to do it using dlg_* functions.

Do you guys think this is the right direction to go? Or should I try CDK 
instead? Or just use plain ncurses?

Thanks for your advices. If you think I should be using a certain library 
please kindly let me know what kind of mechanism (form? pad? window? oh, my!) I 
should use. Better if there is a sample program that looks like HDCopy. For now 
I’m just studying the formbox.c file from libdialog.

[1] http://www.asiawide.or.jp/Images/HD_COPY1.jpg


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