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Re: [patch #3946] Add make support for windows PE resources

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: [patch #3946] Add make support for windows PE resources
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 17:03:14 +0100 (BST)

So my current inclination (totally open to discussion) is:

xxx_WINDOWS_RC_FILES for the files,
WINDRES_FLAGS for the flags to pass to the 'windres' program

Sounds reasonable ?  Any comments ?

Sounds perfectly reasonable. Perhaps shorten it to _WIN_RC?

The only issue with this solution is that the FLAGS variable is named rather differently to the others. As long as the docs are clear I don't see any problem. I have, btw, some -make docs to contribute too.

Good points! ... what about xxx_WINDOWS_RC_FILES and WINDOWS_RC_FLAGS ?

not _FLAGS, because rc files aren't flags.

Thanks for your opinion ... what's your preference for the flags variable name then ?

I am somewhat indifferent... I'd say xxx_WINDOWS_RC_FILES is best, since the FSF "shuns" use of "WIN" to denote Windows. It's less descriptive/clear anyways.

Thanks ... I see your point - good point! - I agree WINDOWS is best to denote Windows. :-)

So we agree xxx_WINDOWS_RC_FILES is a good choice for the list of files -- good.

Now we need two variable names - one for the list of files, one for the flags used to compile the files. Usually in gnustep-make they are named the same (or very similarly), as in OBJC FILES and OBJC FLAGS. But not always exactly the same, for example we have JAVA FILES but JAVAC FLAGS and JAVAH FLAGS.

If we agree the variable name for the files is called xxx_WINDOWS_RC_FILES, then I was going to use xxx_WINDOWS_RC_FLAGS for the flags variable, to have a similar/consistent name.

Mainly so that someone who doesn't really know anything about this should be able to understand at a quick glance (when looking at a GNUmakefile) that the xxx_WINDOWS_RC_FLAGS variable is related to the xxx_WINDOWS_RC_FILES.

Sounds OK ?


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