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FW: CVS-1_11_18 Client build for VMS

From: Rahul Nerlikar
Subject: FW: CVS-1_11_18 Client build for VMS
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 00:17:41 -0800


I have noticed a peculiar behavior with the Diff3 utility. The synopsis goes
as follows,

1. MyFile has a change/or a new addition at the end of it. -- FileB
2. OldFile obviously does not have it. -- File A
3. YourFile needs to have that marked -- File C

But this little change at the end of the file does not get identified by
diff3 and hence is ignored. I have attached example files for clarification.

The last entry in File B ARRAY_GROUP_NODES = Arrays gets added to FileC but
is not marked.

Any help on your side is much appreciated.


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