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CVS server/client

From: Steve
Subject: CVS server/client
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 20:03:29 -0500


I am new to CVS.

I downloaded winCVS.  When I installed it, it complained about Python.  I
had python installed.  Don't know why it complained about it.

Main thing is:  does CVS need to be installed on a server?  Or are there
only client installs?

I installed winCVS and specified remote resource and tried to specify  a
machine on the network thinking files would be stored there.  It didn't

How do I setup CVS such that files are stored on PC server
and all my clients can access this machine to check out files.   Do I need a
mapped drive or can I use a specific port.  I have users who are not able to
map a drive.  They work remotely on another network.

Please if anyone has any thoughts or had similar problems please help me.  I
am in very much needed for assistance from users who ran into something like


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