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Re: redirecting stderr failure on :ext: ssh and large data

From: Thomas Singer
Subject: Re: redirecting stderr failure on :ext: ssh and large data
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 14:09:09 +0200
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Hi Frank,

The bug is not fixed in cvs1.12.9 release, I run my tests on it and the prev. problems appear.

Very strange, for me CVS 1.12.9 seemed to have solved the problem. But I have no problem giving 2 free Professional licenses away, one to the one who half-fixed it in CVS 1.12.9 and one to you for the final solution ;)

Best regards,
Thomas Singer

Frank Hemer schrieb:

I tested this with cvs 1.11.17. It is reproducible on several systems - only linux with kernel 2.4.* and 2.6.* -, win seems to be ok.

Reading the mentioned threads doesn't make me think the patch wouldn't work, in fact it works for my testing. The result of fwrite is not checked, and sometimes returns 'device temporarily not available' which causes the data to be lost. This can not happen with seelect because the blocking of select is not affected by fd's being in nonblocking mode. So handle_m will simply block in case it cannot write the data. This shouldn't have any impact on performance.

From looking at the code it appears that the same should apply to handle_e, the difference is the amount of data to be written. So maybe this problem will never occur on stderr? Maybe with some testcase and enough data it might happen too? At least some error output would help tracking this down. The bug is not fixed in cvs1.12.9 release, I run my tests on it and the prev. problems appear.


Frank Hemer <address@hidden> writes:

I just discovered a bug with stderr redirection.

Which version of cvs did you test? We were recently informed that this
problem may have been fixed in cvs 1.12.9 (although that is by no means

In case some app starts cvs as coprocess and has redirected stderr


cvs will lose data. This only applies to :ext: method with CVS_RSH set to
ssh and a filesize of a few thousand lines (tested with diff

Changing the following code in client.c/handle_m(args, len) will fix


old >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

   fflush (stderr);
   fwrite (args, len, sizeof (*args), stdout);
   putc ('\n', stdout);

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< new <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

   fflush (stderr);

   fd_set wfds;
   int s = select(STDOUT_FILENO+1,NULL,&wfds,NULL,NULL);
   if (s < 1) {
      perror("cannot write to stdout");

   fwrite (args, len, sizeof (*args), stdout);
   putc ('\n', stdout);

end >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Would a similar change need to be made to handle_e () as well?

See this thread for all the gory details of the previous time this
problem was raised:


as well as the recent thread on bug-cvs


which also discusses the problem.

In light of the above threads, do you really believe that your patch is

        -- Mark

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