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Re: Case insensitivity ad nauseum

From: Ken Clement
Subject: Re: Case insensitivity ad nauseum
Date: 18 Nov 2003 10:59:10 -0800

A few more comments about case sensitivity in identifiers...

Case sensitivity is a unique issue with Roman characters.  The issue
does not come up with Chinese although I suppose there is some
similarity with Japanese Kana (Hiragana v. Katakana).  Making
identifiers case-insensitive adds special logic that deals uniquely
with the Roman characters in a manner different than any other unicode

It makes more sense to define orderings and comparisions of a
character set separately from the character itself.  This not only
permits character strings to sort according to something other that
its binary representation which is practically required for
internationalizaiton.  It consequently permits comparison to be done
on something other than a byte-by-byte binary basis.  This makes the
issue something of a user choice as the system can be configured with
the desired sort/comparison sequence.  Microsoft SQL Server takes this

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