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Re: Case insensitivity ad nauseum

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: Case insensitivity ad nauseum
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 10:34:39 -0500
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Jim.Hyslop wrote:

|It sounds like I'm going to be the sole dissenting voice here, at least so
|far. Let me explain my reasoning; it will be rather round-about, but please
|bear with me. It will (I hope) make sense in the end.

[. . . snip . . .]

|It won't be easy, and I'm sure the problem is rather complex, but I truly
|believe the end results *will* be worth the extra effort involved.

Are you volunteering to maintain this code?  I'm getting sick of it.  :)

Seriously, case-philosophies aside, we could remove the handling from
CVS and anyone sharing your beliefs could still install a
case-insensitive file system on a UNIX server and put their CVS
repository there to get the behaviour you want.

As it stands, Windows users will only get the behavior you prefer
_sometimes_, since as long as the repository exists on a case sensitive
file system, files with "conflicting case" can still exist in the

I don't think the overhead for such a small gain, the worth of which is
completely dependant on personal case-philosophy, and which system
administrators can configure according to their own personal
case-philosophy, is worth it.


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