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Re: Case insensitivity ad nauseum

From: Jim
Subject: Re: Case insensitivity ad nauseum
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 21:24:06 -0800

Jim.Hyslop <address@hidden>
WeLl mAdE ArguMent...

>No, not at all. For example, of the 111 items in my home directory
>right now, 17 of them use upper-case letters in a meaningful
>way. Common practice is to name some things on Unix in a mixture of
>cases, e.g. Makefile, Imakefile, ChangeLog.

That's not really the point... how many times do you maintain ChangeLog,
CHangeLog, changeLog, changelog in the same directory?  or Makefile and
makefile?  or .BASHrc, .bashRC, .BashRc, .bashrc ?  Is there even one
example of where it's logical to have the same name with a different case in
a directory?

I suppose someone could have abused the case sensitivity and used capital
cases of file extensions as backups... 'main.c' backed by 'main.C' though
this seems like a bad habit.

The arguments presented about the case insensitivity are rather valid...

>Another point I'd like to make: labels are case-sensitive

Oh great so now tags like 'CheckPoint' 'CHECKpoint' 'checkpoint' are all
different? how useless is that?  it's the IDEA of the word not the technical
content of the word that should matter....

Sorry for the bitter sarcasm.. I wish I had made such a valid argument for
the windows client maintaining \r's and not adding additional ones whens
storing \n's received from the server ... I mean the unix client has no
problem maintaining when there are \r's in the files stored in the
repository, both to and from with no arbitrary descisions to attach \r's to
\n's received from the server - leading to \r\r\n sequences in files.  I
even tried to touch the repositories I had to strip out the \r's since it
appears that they 'shouldn't' have been there in the first place, but gave
up and grudgingly accepted to use the cygwin port (and therefore the cygwin
dll's which change weekly) which don't have a problem maintaining the
correct characters for a line ending.  Anyhow sorry I'm digressing...

Unfortunatly looks like both issues lead to dead ends.

OOP is a frame of mind, not a language.
The difference between a bug and a feature?  A feature's documented. "What?
if I press the enter key the program crashes and makes the computer reboot?"
... "Yeah... it says right here - feature - quick reboot...."
Everything changes, what you hear today is gone tomorrow, and yesterday
might as well never have been.
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