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After removing and (re)adding file is deleted without warning

From: andyreifREMOVE_IT
Subject: After removing and (re)adding file is deleted without warning
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 16:52:09 +0100
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It's actually a feature request, since those who know this issue won't run into 

How to reproduce:
Create file.txt with a text editor.
cvs add file.txt
cvs commit
mv file.txt newfile.txt
cvs remove -f file.txt
Now you decide that the renaming is superfluous and want to undo the changes:
rm newfile.txt
Resave file.txt from the text editor.
cvs add file.txt
cvs add: file.txt should be removed and is still there (or is back again)
 -> (adding is not done ( this should be stated more clearly! ), and this might 
be forgotten by the user)
Making _some changes_ to file.txt.
cvs commit -m "" -> file will be removed and _some changes_ will be lost 
without warning, although from user's point of view this shouldn't be done.

How to solve: check the date of last change for repository and local versions 
(like this is done for commit) and only if it "should't be committed"
(i.e. there are no changes after the most recent update/commit) the file may be 
deleted without warnings.
Otherwise (there are _some changes_): the user should be advised what to do, 
i.e. moving the modified files to a temporary directory and (re)adding them 
later, or perhaps this could be done by cvs some day?

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