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Re: [BUG/Improvement?] Large file handling.

From: Eric Dumas
Subject: Re: [BUG/Improvement?] Large file handling.
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 11:03:39 +0200
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Derek Robert Price wrote:
Nobody is currently working on this problem to my knowledge, but I might
personally like to see a patch that saved CVS/Base versions for all
commands and not just the edit command.  Once this was enabled, the next
step would be to enable client diffs to be sent ot the server rather
than complete files.

Can you draft me mostly what needs to be done? I might be
able to do this.

Both storing a version of files in CVS/Base and server-to-client diffs
are already implemented, so it should not be an insurmountable task to
do what I've suggested.

A nice side effect of this would be that once the base revisions of
files were stored in CVS/Base, a few other commands could be tweaked for
disconnected (e.g. laptop) operation.  Diffs could be run against the
base version and updates could know beyond file modification times
whether files were actually modified.  `cvs up -C' could maybe be
tweaked to perform the equivalent of an unedit for disconnected
operation, or at least suggest the unedit as an alternative once it
discovers itself to be disconnected from the CVS server.

It might be nice to see something like BitKeeper's local repository
disconnected operations eventually, but I haven't even started to really
give thought to everything that would require.

           Eric Dumas (address@hidden) @Sofia
              Director, Development Center, Bulgaria
          Tel: (Sofia) +359 889.216.732 (US) +1 650.216.2030

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